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"Goes above and beyond, impeccable knowledge and continues to upskill, What more can you want out of your PT. when I started with luke I was Sceptical about training with PTs given I came from training with a exercise physiologist. Luke has completely changed my view and has provided outstanding guidance, training and nutrients support. I went from eating low cals to doubling my intake, gaining muscle and toning up. I couldn’t of done any of this with out the support and training luke has provided over the past 7 months. Wanting to make a step forward in your fitness journey? Then I highly recommend working with Luke"

— Tay Deadman

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"This guy is a transformation specialist. So far I've lost just shy of 40% of my body weight and gained a thorough knowledge of the value of fitness and nutrition. Luke has turned my hate of exercise into a true passion. He taught me everything I needed to know to change my whole world and guided me through every step of the way. This is a life changing trainer."

— Gabe Fonua

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"I have been training with Luke for over 18 months now. Never did I think when I stepped foot in the gym and had my first pt session with him that I would be where I am today. Luke has not only helped me physically build strength and technique but he has guided me to a better mentality as well to build the confidence I now have. Luke has a wealth of knowledge and is always working on bettering himself and his clients. Luke has a very bright future ahead of him and would highly recommend him to family and friends"

— Melissa Murphy

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